Case Studies / Articles

Community best practices on how to prepare your local environment for Drupal development.
Explains how to setup a virtual VS Code IDE on a remote server.
This tutorial will show you how to have two-factor authentication setup in less than five minutes.
A quick tutorial that shows you how to require an alpha or beta Drupal module.
A few links that are helpful to developers doing repetitive tasks.
Some users need to change their username in a secure environment for elevated access. For example, user1 needs root access but is not allowed to login with root. This post show how to do this with WinSCP on an Ubuntu Server.
This article shows how to fork your own repository on Gitlab. This will work with GitHub and Bitbucket.
Need to know how to install MCRYPT on UBUNTU with PHP Version 7.3? This is how…
To explain my environments for my clients, I have my codebase in a repository with a standard continuous integration schema and deployment process. My local environments for my Drupal websites are all running on Docksal. My production environments all run on a standard LAMP setup on a cloud machine.
Here is a list of registrars and their current pricing when I was shopping for a domain on April 16, 2020.